Basics of Meditation Class – Saturdays at 12-1 pm

We are happy to announce that a weekly Group Meditation Class has been ongoing at the Loft on Saturdays at noon for the past year. No experience necessary, drop-ins always welcome.  The classes focus on different meditation techniques to help people reduce stress and anxiety.  Each week a number of short meditations will be lead, ones that can easily be repeated at home by participants.

These sessions, inspired by the Global Peaceful Cities (formerly Albany Peace Project) will be facilitated by Kathee O’Shaughnessy and Kathleen Sheridan who, combined, have an astounding amount of experience with daily meditation – 35 years worth. Their experiences include meditations in traditions of Vipassana, Adyashanti, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Heart/Math Institute, Lynn Mctaggart and Global Peaceful Cities.

Donations to benefit Global Peaceful Cities will be greatly appreciated and used to help cities organize around peace research.  For more information please visit: www or call Kathee at 610 247-3311.