About Our Classes

Iyengar Style Yoga Classes:

Introductory Class – will focus on teaching the fundamental actions and postures of Iyengar style yoga.  It is designed to build strength, awareness, and flexibility and to establish a firm foundation that will allow the participant to feel comfortable in any Level l class.

Level I – The primary focus in these classes will be on the standing poses to build strength and flexibility. Individual needs will be assessed and warm ups appropriate to the poses will be offered. It is at this level that we begin to cultivate a focused mind, the ability to concentrate and develop body awareness.

Level II – As alignment and concentration improves, we will explore our ability to hold familiar poses for a longer time with increasing ease. We will also deepen our understanding of proper action in the standing poses, forward bends, backbends and twists. We will prepare for and practice inversions allowing each student to work at a level appropriate for him or her. Students should now be enjoying a personal practice.

Level II-III – This class is for students who have an interest in deepening their understanding and practice of the eight limbs of Yoga.  Class will cover regular practice of inversions, more advanced poses, weekly study of the Yoga Sutras, beginning pranayama practices, and meditation.

General Class – A mixed level class requiring a minimum of 6 months Iyengar experience. Instructor will determine curriculum as appropriate to the level of the group.

Senior Classes -These classes begin with supported postures (chairs, blocks, bolsters and/or walls) and then move on to free movement if the situations warrants. Senior students report increased strength and flexibility, improved mobility, lowered levels of anxiety and stress, and an increased sense of confidence. Students with joint replacement have found these classes rehabilitating.

Gentle Class – A slower paced class appropriate for all levels. The class will be geared for any special concerns or needs of those attending. Good for those with chronic pain, injury or illness.


Kripalu Yoga – Kripalu Yoga focuses on developing the body, mind, and spirit connection in a compassionate and nonjudgmental manner.

Gentle – Gentle is suitable for beginners or for those seeking a more gentle class

Mindfulness Meditation

This program offers a comprehensive introduction to mindfulness practice as well as the structure and support to sustain an ongoing practice.  It is appropriate for those with challenging physical conditions and/or life circumstances as well as those simply seeking a path to greater stillness and ease.

Class Fees

Monthly Rate: (one class/week)
$45 for 4-week month
$55 for 5-week month

Two classes weekly: $70

Drop In Fee: $15 per class
Drop In Fee for second class each week: $10 per class

Cancer Survivor’s Class: $10 per class

Donation Class: donation in whatever amount is suitable for you.