Meet Our Instructors

Gerry McDonald, RYT found her first Iyengar teacher, Joan White, in 1982 and knew immediately that this was the system she’d been looking for. She has been instrumental in creating an enthusiastic Iyengar community in the Capital district. Gerry’s greatest satisfaction in teaching comes in cultivating her student’s awareness of the inner actions within the stillness of each pose and observing the evolution of their experience of this wonderful art and science. She is grateful to yoga for the deep personal pleasure she derives from her practice and for the wonderful community it has placed her in.

Marge McGreevy, RYT LMT has been teaching Iyengar style yoga since 1996. She also brings with her knowledge and experience gained from 20 years of practicing Shiatsu and Massage Therapy. She began teaching yoga when she realized how much it would benefit her clients. Her deep interest and knowledge of the energy system of our bodies gives her a unique awareness of the profound affect yoga has on the health of our bodies. She has a deep respect for the power of yoga to enhance our core strength and loves the Iyengar method because of its precise attention to the proper alignment of the body.

Mary Sloan, LMT, RYT is a Kripalu-certified yoga instructor, a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist and a massage therapist. A practitioner of yoga since 1986, Mary offers soothing, meditative classes which focus on stress reduction, release of chronic tensions, and increased personal strength and flexibility. She welcomes people of all ages and levels of physical fitness to her classes, and draws on her study of Kripalu, Anusara, Iyengar and Yin yoga to address students’ specific needs.

Laura Garrison, RYT has practiced various styles of yoga since 1976, and the Iyengar style yoga since 2001. She considers yoga to be a central practice for healthful living, embracing its philosophical and spiritual foundation.

Melanie Gloeckner, RYT has studied yoga since 1998 at the American Meditation Institute and The Yoga Loft.  Her classes focus on bringing the benefits of Iyengar style yoga to daily life.

Claire Malone, RYT has studied yoga for over 35 years and has been teaching Level I for 15 years, since retiring from NY State.

Jennifer Meehan, RYTis a certified Yoga for Scoliosis trainer and an advocate of yoga for all bodies, regardless of shape, size or physical ability. She offers back care workshops and private lessons to students with scoliosis.

Jeff Balak RYT has been practicing yoga since 2001 and recently completed the 500 hr certification.  He believes the human body is miraculous and that we must go within ourselves to experience this wonder.  He enjoys teaching people brand new to yoga.  

Eileen Daugherty RYT has studied and practiced yoga since 2008. She finds the practice of Iyengar yoga to be life changing, particularly loves focus on alignment and detail.  Her recent certification in Shiatsu has deepened her understanding of the body’s energy system and appreciation of practice.

Eileen Muir a student of yoga from an early age whose studies has led her to India, China, and Japan. A certified Yoga Alliance instructor as well as certified Instructor of Shiatsu. She has studied Iyengar yoga since 1983 and is a 20 year practitioner of Vipassana Meditation. She teaches with a passion and understanding that comes form a commitment to yoga as spiritual path to relieve suffering. Visit Eileen’s Web site at

Karen Beetle, MA, LMHC has been exploring the interface between mediation and psychology since the early 1990’s. An eight week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course in l995 was her impetus to begin and sustain a meditation practice. She has an MA in counseling psychology and maintains a private practice in Albany offering counseling, psychotherapy, and mindfulness.

Brian Hogencamp is a student, practitioner, and certified instructor of Iyengar yoga. He lives in San Francisco and is a student of Manouso Manos. On a regular basis he also studies with the Iyengar family in Pune, India, knowing that the distance between what is taught and what is learned can only be illumined by one’s own practice. Drawing from this practice and evolving experience, and with deep gratitude for the teachings received, he is eager to share the light yoga can bring.

Kara Thorsen is a Certified Iyengar Teacher and Founder of The Little yoga Room in Montreal, has been practicing yoga since 1992 and strictly Iyengar style for the last 12 years.  She has studied in Pune with the Iyengars.

Rajeshree Tupe is the founder of Shriyog Institute in Pune, India and one of the senior disciples of BKS Iyengar. She trained with Guruji at the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute (RIMYI), Pune, beginning in 1993, and was privileged to have worked closely with both Guruji”s son Shri. Prashant Iyengar and daughter Dr. Geeta Iyengar . Her mission is to teach yoga through asana and pranayama as taught by Guruji BKS Iyengar. In her classes, Rajeshree follows the principles of constitution, seasonal conduct, and daily conduct as stated by Ayurveda and the spiritual teachings of the Bhagavad Gita.